A Fawless Balance, the Perfect Accord

The philosophy of Ocean Life is inspired by the fascinating nature and deep blue waters of the Mediterranean and based on the golden ratio; a concept that continues to open new doors to humanity since its first
days in terms of rationalizing the universe and life itself. Centred on the golden ratio which has been accepted as the order relation that gives the best harmony and proportions in art and architecture since
ancient times, OCEAN LIFE creates the most perfect, most consistent life in the Mediterranean based on the understanding that the sacred architecture and geometry of nature is aesthetic, proportional, balanced, rhythmic and harmonious..

Life Style

Special moments, unforgettable memories,
a life with no equal full of privileges

OCEAN BLUE, the giant yacht located at the heart of the project, invites residents to an extraordinary journey with its indoor and outdoor areas, sunbathing terrace, restaurants on its decks, bars and entertainment venues

Rest, rejuvenate, get together with your loved ones and enjoy life

OCEAN LIFE offers the most magnificent life of the island the moment you step out the door with its lush green gardens, swimming pools, the City Park where you can take peaceful walks intertwined with nature, indoor and outdoor car parks, indoor and outdoor social areas, fitness club, market, restaurants and cafes, as well as a private pier within walking distance and a spectacular beach

A vast blue blending seamlessly into nature

An impeccable architecture,an excellent design that transforms the residence life into a luxury holiday retreat…



Inspiring and fun…

Ocean Life breaks new ground with its landscaping areas inspired by the positive energy of nature, its aquapark, basketball and mini golf courts, tennis courts, walking tracks, runways designed for human-carrying drones and indoor car park.

Areas designed for children to spend their free time having fun and learning with numerous enjoyable activities, a shopping street with 30 different shops located with the project; also bistros, cafes, and restaurants with indoor and outdoor spaces


An exclusive paradise in the heart of the Mediterranean

It is 10 minutes by car to Famagusta, 5 minutes to Salamis Ancient City, 25 minutes to Ercan Airport, 30 minutes to Nicosia, 45 minutes to Larnaca Airport and only 5 minutes walking distance to Long Beach.


In the heart of a vibrant life,at the most valuable point of İskele, Long Beach

The pearl of Northern Cyprus, Famagusta which has hosted many civilisations throughout its thousands of years of history, is one of the most preferred regions of the Mediterranean with its kilometers-long beaches, crystal waters, and year-round Mediterranean climate, as well as high return tourism and real estate investments..